Teaming is a specific form of Crowd funding.This Initiative was invented by Jil Van Eyle in 1998 and it consist in spending 1,- € per Month into a fund.Every person or company is allowed to donate into this fund.There are already companies in place which are collecting 1,- € per Month from there personnel and send the total amount into the specific crowd fund.With this donation from its Crowd fund Makulata will give financial support for dedicated projects.These sponsored projects will be chosen by Teamers (Supporter) and the Makulata team.
Our charitable Crowdfunding-Community is called „echa-palante“ („get ahead“) and is designed as start-up funding Spanish workless people.If you would like to become a Teamer and want to donate 1,- € per Month (without any transaction or additional costs from your bank account), it is possible to send your figure per immediate transfer, direct debit or automatic debit transfer.These donation will be assigned to 100% directly start-up business, without taken any commissions. Makulata will provide the financial status on regular basis on its homepage about on-going Teamings and funded project investments.


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