Who we are

After several years of market research and gathered knowledge in different subject areas, we have made the decision to start up this innovative company.

Our company will leverage the export of Spanish products to foreign countries.

These products are produced from our sponsored independent companies.

We are an innovative team of well educated personnel which is based on different activities.

Given the enormous crisis and at a time of economic decline in Spain we want to be an important supporter of efforts to combat this crisis. With our passion, power of creativity and engagement we want to help to overcome these circumstances.

This huge desire to support such a project is based on our land of origin.

In here we want to unroll a space for new business and start-ups to contribute against unemployment and the lack of potentialities for newcomers.

This can be a place for many Spanish people to transform their needs into an independent company.

We are ready to support you with your projects and we are quite confident about reaching our objectives to be successful with you.

Your Makulata UG Team